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(REWIND) How to Tackle Your God Sized Dream

September 12, 2020

Have you been challenged to believe your pain can actually be used for your purpose?

Listen, I've felt this way more times than I am proud of on this journey.  In this episode, I am sharing how God made it plain and clear to me that this is no longer a truth I EVER need to doubt.

This episode is actually a rewind back to the first podcast I started in 2017 - Reinventing You.  Though it was initially recorded a few years back - the truth and gems dropped are timeless.

Key Takeaways:

  • You don’t tackle A God sized dream, you take hold of it
  • It can be challenging to process how the pain you’re experiencing could be part of your purpose
  • I was the statistic of everything I never wanted to become
  • Even though I felt hopeless - god was using me to help Others find hope
  • Let God live through you. Stop hating on God!
  • We have to stop using our procrastination to justify the lie that God hasn’t kept his promises to us
  • You’re playing yourself if you think you can go higher without His highness
  • There’s no platform, profit or pretending that will take you higher than your purpose
  • If you're planning to live your Gods sized Dream you have to release the dream you have for yourself.
  • If we aren’t gonna walk in the truth of Gods word, then there’s no power in it
  • You’re not a chameleon- you’re supposed to stand out.
  • This is the season of the outcast
  • People are supposed to be questioning why we do things the way we do them
  • You’ll miss out on your lead when you want to be in other peoples spotlight you’ve gotta remember you perform for an audience of one
  • You sometimes have to go through as the vessel to guide others to GROW through as the visionary
  • You can’t chase the blessings and applause you can simply chase God
  • You can’t expect to hit it out of the park if you’re an outfield catcher
  • God wants us to make plain our willingness and desire to manifest HIS dream for us
  • Sometimes God gives you glimpses of grace
  • When you begin to DO the vision that’s when it’ll become plain
  • Don’t despise small beginnings
  • Sometimes you’ve gotta I become to become
  • God things over good things
  • Your unbelief is preventing you from being unstoppable

Scriptures Mentioned

Jeremiah 1:5

Matthew 6:33

Habakkuk 2:2-3

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